Land of War is the first FPS game that will let you experience early days of World War II that began in Poland in 1st of September 1939 as well as many unique episodes between 1940 and 1944.

Land of War is a first person shooter game based in Poland between 1939 and 1944. As a player you will have a chance to guide our main character Piotr Kowalski through Poland and Germany secret service clash. Fate of the entire Europe may depend on our decisions and actions.

You will have an opportunity to fight against panzer division and eliminate it using Polish panzer train ‘Smialy’ artillery. You will travel to the coast to stop the Germans by detonating bombs across Hel peninsula. As the result of this action it will be detached from the main land and become an island for a few days, first time ever in history! All of these and many more historically true events will be a main part of the game.

As infantryman, gunner or scout, you will be sent on a large variety of missions where, in some cases, knife, stealth and patience could be your deadliest weapon. Observer and sniper role during some battles may also completely turn it in our favour. However most of the time you will be thrown in the middle of the battlefield were cunning, quick thinking and right tactic could be your only chance for survival.