Muller is a fictional character of a German officer. An inspiration for him came – among others – from Wernher von Braun, German scientist, a pioneer of rocket technology and co-author of V2 flying bomb, who later became American aerospace engineer. A lot of influence on Muller also came from a book by “German secret weapons of the Second World War” Rudolf Lusar, .

Muller is an embodiment of a frantic pursuit of world domination, disregarding costs of it to mankind. He plays a crucial role in the Land of War story. He is the arch enemy, the oppressor who madly and relentlessly fights to protect his greatest work, mysteries of which the player will slowly be uncovering during the game. Will he succeed?

That is up to Piotr Kowalski, the main character, who gets entangled in an espionage affair, leading to a discovery of the biggest, most advanced technological project of the 3rd Reich – a weapon so potent, it may easily destroy the world as we know it.

“It is thanks to Muller and his bodyguards, that the player will be able to obtain conceptual weapons and vehicles, which were either very rare or never made it to the real front.” – says Sebastian Binik of MS Games.

Muller is a mixture of many fabular toposes (game villains) known from classic WWII games and literature. His mysterious appearance and expressive character gives extra depth to this key figure and main antagonist and really defines the gameplay.

“When paying Land of War one must pay attention to the way the story unveils, as it may turn out there is much more than just the wartime story that Muller and Kowalski have in common.” – Sebastian Binik.