Land of War Level design


Location design is a major element of any game development project. Our aim here at Land of War development team is to create locations which are as close to real battlefields of September 1939 Poland as possible but also provide interesting and dynamic gameplay so typical for old school FPS shooters.

We always start with thorough research. If possible (and feasible) we visit the physical location of a battlefield we are working on, see local museums or displays and talk to custodians of such places. We take lots of pictures! Next, we come back to the office and start creating the land. Then we apply white boxes and cylinders representing various objects, vehicles or army units. In this way we can roughly sketch the gameplay and decide to modify the land in order to make it more suitable for our needs.

Another stage is to enrich the environment of our location with objects such as  vegetation, trenches, creeks, chapels, anything we find necessary to make it interesting and supporting the main mission as well as any side tasks. And the we test, test, test to make sure players will be provided with hours of quality playtime.

“We believe that such approach to level design will make Land of War a very unique experience for everyone looking for games taking place during WWII” – says Bartosz Romanowski, Land of War Level Designer.

Thanks to such framework, we pay a lot of attention to each location in Land of War and make it highly playable. We also take care that each of them contains some specific places, buildings, vehicles and weapons that have never been used in WWII games before. It is these details – we believe – that will make Land of War special and rich with new experiences for all players.